I've always had an insatiable need to create and organize.

Since 2002, I've been serving the marine industry with creative marketing solutions for leading brands such as Navionics, OceanLED, Morris Yachts, Regatta Ginger Beer, Underwater Lights Limited, Bluefin LED, Lumishore and more. I earned my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design with a focus on Advertising, Packaging and Corporate Branding from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Since then, I've been a company's creative, reliable and obsessively-organized resource for all their sales and marketing assets such as print and digital product catalogs, technical documentation, ad campaigns, newsletters and presentations, as well as event graphics, point-of-purchase displays, product packaging, videos, corporate branding, web design and administration, and social media management.



As much fun as being on the water!



Upping Their Game

Lumishore needed to up their game from a somewhat amateurish "when-we-get-around-to-it" approach to a business-like presence including a completely new mobile-responsive website, professionally-designed brochures, data sheets, price lists, press releases, videos, digital and print advertisements, the creation of its first-ever dealer reference binder and display program, eye-catching social media content, and complete collateral organization and accessibility from newly-established repositories for both internal teams and external partners. www.lumishore.com (Lumishore has since changed its logo and revised its homepage slider gallery, not my design, but the overall site and its responsive architecture still remain as of 10/18).



Their Reliable Creative Resource

Underwater Lights Ltd needed a more reliable resource to design, create and manage their event graphics, in-store displays, digital banners, print advertisements, product spec sheets, price lists, press releases, dealer reference binder, competitor comparison guides, underwater lighting guides, product brochures, corporate brochure, and event-specific promotions.



A Zesty New Mobile Responsive Website

Regatta Ginger Beer needed a finely-crafted mobile-responsive website that packed as much wow as their zesty ‘ginger kick’ drink mix. The result is a clean, easy-to-explore site with a focus on its products, recipes, and where-to-buy store locations. If you haven't tried Regatta-brand Ginger Beer, you should! regattagingerbeer.com


Manning The Helm Of Its Customer-Facing Assets


Morris Yachts are hands-down the most beautiful sailboats in the world. They needed their website and customer-facing assets to reflect the same craftsmanship and consistent beauty. I redesigned the company’s website to a mobile-responsive site with a focus on its photo library of gorgeous sailing yachts. I redesigned the company’s eBlast campaigns to have a more consistent appearance, improved navigation, reporting and established a regular distribution schedule to the company’s network of loyal owners, fans and prospects. I successfully obtained the cover position of three key industry magazines and more than two dozen product reviews in both endemic and non-endemic publications, blogs and digital media channels in just ten months. I redesigned all documentation for their Charter Division and added easy-to-use booking calendars to their new website to streamline customer reservations. I established Morris' ‘Team Wear Program’ with LLBean Direct to Business. And I improved their ‘Customer Gift Program’ with packaging for new MY owners. (MY's website has changed since being acquired by Hinkley Yachts and no longer reflects my original design.)



Shining The Spotlight On A Rising Star

While working with OceanLED I was responsible for the design, production and management of all the company’s advertisements, product literature, technical and support documents, brochures, logos and brand awareness, consumer packaging, point-of-purchase displays, event graphics, the company’s websites and social media channels, animated and live action videos, presentations, electronic forms, reseller programs, consumer promotions, crafting press releases and managing press relations, eBlast campaigns, and more. I was responsible for establishing their new 'Dealer Kit' program, their 'Dealer-Only' support website, their digital newsletter program, redesigned their packaging for improved retail presentation, and was instrumental in growing their dealer network from just over 200 to nearly 1,000 globally in just a few years.



Charting A Course For Massive Growth

When I started working with Navionics in 2002 they were about to launch their 2nd electronic chart product and needed a new product logo, packaging and launch plan. When I departed eight years later in 2010 Navionics had 19 different mapping products with consistent branding across their entire range. During my eight years, I designed, coordinated and managed all of their marketing collateral, packaging, website, videos, press relations, and 40+ annual tradeshows, special events and functions. I established their first-ever electronic newsletters, customer surveys, point-of-purchase displays, quick reference cards, and overhauled their packaging to improve product visibility while reducing costs and theft. I was responsible for managing their customer database, and supporting their dealer network, OEM partners, sales team, customer service team, and a 1.3M marketing budget.



Manufacturers Rep Line Cards

CalaMarine needed a nicely designed Line Card ASAP, showing the list of Manufacturers they Represent for their upcoming show season. 



New Easily-Updatable Collateral For A Growing Product Line

Bluefin LED needed new collateral and document templates designed for their growing product line: special offer handouts, product flyers, press releases, and an economically-printed 8-panel brochure for their upcoming show season. I designed their documents in a way that they could easily update internally to keep their start-up costs down while their company grew. On-time and within budget.


“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! 
Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser




12-page self-cover brochure (9"x12")

Lumishore needed a beautiful brochure of its entire Superyacht underwater lighting range for designers, yards and potential clients. This 12-page self-cover brochure includes a logical flow of product information to help guide clients understand their weld-in, retro-fit and thru-hull lighting range. A quick reference matrix of key specifications by mounting type was created for easy product comparison.



16-page self-cover brochure (8.5"x5.5")

Lumishore needed a more economical product brochure showcasing its entire underwater lighting range for distribution from its dealer retail locations as well as at its many boat shows and events. This 16-page self-cover brochure includes a logical flow of product information to help guide the users into choosing the right lighting for their boat. Its technical information is presented in a way that allows users a quick understanding of the key features and benefits at a glance.



3-ring 8-tab binder (US standard)

Lumishore needed a comprehensive binder for their dealers, representatives and sales team for quick reference to everything from contacts and support information to pricing and product specifications. A 'Lighting Guide' was also included at the front of the binder as a guide to help users easily compare products and choose the right lighting for their boat. Subsequent updates were provided as 'refill packs' reducing production and shipping costs.



Datasheets for 38 products and their accessories (US letter)

Lumishore needed consistent, up-to-date and professional looking data sheets for their entire product line that could be easily accessed by their sales team, dealers and consumers from their website and cloud-based portals. A custom template was created with a clean and easy-to-read design, organized by LED color options and model number.



(A1 size or 594x841mm)

Lumishore needed a series of A1-size posters featuring their underwater lighting products for their display stand at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam. The printed posters were snapped into economical and easy-to-use click frames that could be reused for future shows, and while not exhibiting, displayed at their UK factory.


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